Multiple packages available

We offer a range of packages depending on your preference and your budget, but all packages include as standard your NameAStarStore certified documentation including an information sheet and membership letter about your chosen star, a certificate including your chosen star name and any personal message you want to include, as well as optional membership to our enhanced member’s section, BEYOND, where you can go a step further and exercise your creative talents to add some planets to your newly named star system.

Viewing your star

Your package will include a computer generated up-close image of your star, as well as the Celestial Coordinates to view your chosen star through a telescope – we will also provide a link to view your assigned star on NASA’s SkyView Virtual Telescope. Whether you select our membership option or not, your star will be retained indefinitely on our own database for you or anyone else to look up the name, personal message, and all other relevant details whenever you choose.


Benefits for subscribers

If you choose to subscribe when purchasing your star, you will be eligible for our frequent promotions, as well as able to create and save as many hypothetical star systems as you like to share with your friends and family, as well as access to our exclusive members section. From here you can choose from a range of options to receive frequent updates on space, science, and stargazing related topics as well as daily horoscopes.

Travel to your star

Regrettably, we are not yet able to provide transport to your chosen star! However, until humanity becomes a truly spacefaring species, we will continue to upgrade our virtual services to enable you to get a deeper understanding of not only the star you have named, but additionally the nature of the stars themselves, the universe, and our place within it.


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